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Aarch/Artegor: here to catch you

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 11 Recap

The episode starts where the last one left off- Tia and Micro-ice surface in Vega's lair and are suprised to see the size of it and the machines that are in it. Predictably, some security robots come along. Meanwhile, the Flux Society are discussing the fact that Paradisia has it's own Flux and Brim Simbra asks Simbai what's going on- she answers that the Pimp Phoenix only knows about the earthquakes. Brim Simbra is disturbed by the entire situation and it's vaguely implied...wait for it...that the Flux Society might actually do something! *Shock* *Horror* But yeah, we all know the Pirates are going to end up sorting it out. 
Thran tries to contact Micro-ice and Tia but is interupted by Sonny and Corso. They ask him what he'd doing there, telling him that it's not a football stadium. Thran doesn't really react to that and is instead far more shocked by Sonny's appearance...it's kind of weird, it's not like he hasn't seen him before- plus Thran is used to meeting celebrities given that he is one too. Whatever. Meanwhile, Artie is banging on the door of the cell, whereas Bennett is just chilling playing the harmonica. Artie continues banging and falls on the floor when Micro-ice and Tia open the door from the outside. Artie was always slightly dorky, but even Micro-ice has more cool in this episode. They are then confronted with yet more robots. 

From where he is, Thran directs the Sonny and Corso. They discuss the secret lab and mention the fact that it is a resevoir for multi-flux. Corso wants to know where they are getting it from and Sonny replies that they are collecting it from the Deep Stadium (I'm slightly confused as to whether we knew this before, so I'm not sure if this is a revelation or not). They also mention that they don't know what the Pimp Magnus Blade wants to do with it- I actually like that they are so focussed on him and the fact that they still don't know about Harris, the Pirates are awesome and all, but they can't know everything. 

The robots are shooting and chasing the others and Bennett is singing a song about being a 'poor pirate' whilst he runs. Hee! I love Bennett, he's so fun! Corso proceeds to be really cool and zaps the robots using that thing that covers his eye- I guess you could call it a mechanical eyepatch. They all reunite and Artie wants to smash the multi-flux thing using a pipe. Sonny rejects that idea as it would cause an explosion. The others are sent off, so that only Sonny and Corso remain. Sonny goes to turn the multi-flux thing off but Corso stops him. Corso gives him a speech about how he's always followed Sonny and trusted his judgement, rather than his own but that he's not sure he can trust Sonny because of what he's kept from him. Sonny just tells him that he knows now (about the Pimp Magnus Blade) and it's up to him to trust him. Corso decided he does so stops restraining Sonny, allowing him to press the button. He asks Sonny how long they have- Sonny says a few seconds, they jump down in a pretty acrobatic fashion and start to run as the machine starts to crackle and stop. I have to say, I really did like this whole opening- it's fun and typically of the Pirates, there's also nothing that sets of major alarm bells as either being out of character or just plain not making sense. Also, the theme of trust is introduced and this theme continues throughout the episode- giving this episode a little bit more emotional structure than some of the others that we've seen
Meanwhile, Micro-ice travels back to the hotel and is stopped by a small group of girls. He's all too happy to pose for them until Mana-ice appears to pull his ear and tell him off. The girls continue taking pictures. AND MANA-ICE IS WEARING 3/4 LENGTHS. GRRRRRR. Seriously, why? Meanwhile, Tia is also talking to her parents, telling them that the Snow Kids don't feel the same since D'jok, Mei and Yuki left, especially Mei. Since the bond between her and Mei is established this makes sense, unlike the Mei/Yuki BFF-dom they were trying to push on us last episode. Her Dad starts to say the right thing by saying that it is normal for the team to change...he then messes it up by pointing out that they have Lun-Zia now. Tia sneezes and they are worried for her health- she mentions it was just because she went swimming. Whatever.

And then, OMG, Norata and Keira are in Paradisia! Yay, I missed them. Although Norata is wearing 3/4 lengths, the biggest problem is the fact that he's wearing a hideous yellow jacket/top thing. It's really not his colour. Keira is wearing a skirt and an off the shoulder, navel baring top. It really doesn't look like her style- the top looks like something from Mei's wardrobe. But who cares, yay, Norata and Keira are back! They are talking with Rocket and Rocket is recounting the story about Aarch and Artegor in the Holo-trainer. Whee! It looks like Rocket and I have similar taste in scenes because I loved that too! Old!Norata would have reacted all bitterly but obviously that's not the case now. Some GFplayers are playing football on the beach and they kick the ball off the pitch. Norata goes to kick it back to them but he ends up kicking it into the sky and it disappears with a twinkle (you know like when Team Rocket go blasting off again in Pokemon). Keira tells Norata that he's still young to her. I'm not sure what the scene was going for- was the fact that he couldn't aim meant to show he'd lost his skill? Because I was just more impressed by the apparent strength- I thought he wasn't able to play football because of his leg? Or was that more because he couldn't run rather than because he couldn't kick? I don't know. I still like this scene anyway. Rocket complains, similarly to Tia, that it's not like the old days on the Snow Kids- he also mentions his illness. They are duly concerned, but he tells them that he's better. Lies!

Meanwhile, Mei is talking to her mum on Holo-communicator, she's congratualating Mei, mentioning that despite the fact that she doesn't know Sinedd well, she thinks they make a good couple- it gave me the hilarious picture in my head, of Mei bringing Sinedd home at some point and him being his usual self with Mei's mum, not making a good impression. Then I remembered that newshinyhappy!Sinedd would probably be any parent's dream boyfriend for their little girl. Mei is talking about the Snow Kids and Mei's mum says that she'll eventually just forget about her time with them. Mei then says she has to go and runs off, despite her mother's loud protests. She meets up with Sinedd and tells him that it wasn't a good idea calling her. Is the implication here supposed to be that Sinedd convinced Mei to call her mum? Or is that unrelated? Anyway, Sinedd says something along the lines of 'she's your mother, she loves you, I know now I have parents.' I don't really think that I need to say how I feel about this. If the whole parents plot had never happened and he was telling her to call her mum, then that would have had impact- as an Orphan he would know how a lack of parents can effect your well being and how you never know how lucky you are. But no, this is just another example of annoyingly happy and over his issues Sinedd, seriously, I half suspect that he's had his personality split into good and bad (you know, in that typical plot that occurs in most shows with Sci-fi or fantasy elements) and that the bad Sinedd is off somewhere else. Seriously, you don't just get over your emotional issues just because you've got a girlfriend and your 'parents' back, it takes time and effort and sometimes the effects of growing up without attachment figures can never be reversed.

Anyway, they bump into Maya and Mei introduces Sinedd to her. Sinedd is polite to her and tells her that D'jok is a great player. OH FOR GOD'S SAKE. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Sinedd hates D'jok, Sinedd has always hated D'jok, why can't the show remember this! She shakes hands with him and gets a vision of his parents and the fake parents. She looks ill but brushes it off as being tired and walks away. Sinedd says that he thinks she's a bit weird, but he says it in such a pleasant tone of voice so it doesn't count for anything. Maya mutters to herself that she needs to tell him. God, I couldn't hate this storyline anymore if I tried. 

Thran and Ahito meet up with their parents and nothing worth mentioning happens. Tia is walking and sees Lun-Zia kissing the guy who we all know isn't Rocket. She runs off crying and bumps into Rocket. She is confused. Apparently, she didn't spot that the dude is actually a wamba with a similar outfit and hairstyle to Rocket (which is still totally weird) and Lun-Zia introduces them to her boyfriend and I would swear she said his name was 'Bakura' (which makes me think of the character from Yugioh). Tia is suprised that Lun-Zia has a boyfriend- and why wouldn't she be, when Lun-Zia has been all over Rocket for all this time. Lun-Zia and BF go off and Tia apologises for being jealous and Rocket forgives her. Stupid, stupid ending to a pretty stupid storyline. Ugh. It was just so anti-climatic and the whole storyline was just a waste of time. The 'cheating' angle could have been handled so much better but it was just so idiotic- Rocket comes off as a jerk, Tia seems too cling and Lun-Zia seems like just a bit of a stirrer. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Then it's time for the match and it's the Snow Kids vs. Team Paradisia. Aarch gives them a speech that they should not be intimidated by D'jok because he's just a player and that there are other players that they need to watch out for too. Artegor comes in and reminds them not to forget about defence. Aarch is annoyed and tells Artegor off for being late. The trust theme surfaces again, as he also says that if you don't have trust in a friendship, then it isn't a friendship- basically telling Artegor that they aren't friends anymore in front of everything. (Well obviously, Aarch, you aren't just friends.) Artegor reacts very calmly- stating that Aarch's words are good and that he's learnt a lot from Aarch in these past few days. I think that Artegor's very chilled response to Aarch antagonising him is interesting- I get the sense that he's trying to shame Aarch by taking the high road and pretending not to understand the implications of what Aarch is saying to him. I also kind of think, that to some extent, he is antagonising him by being so blase about it- when he was 'evil', making declarations of hatred never really did much to get under Aarch's skin whereas him just being there seems to absolutely infuriate Aarch. Anyways, there's definite role-reversal from Season 1/the first half of Season 2. 

The Snow Kids get on the field and Micro-ice tells D'jok that they aren't friends anymore and D'jok replies in kind. Ouch. Having said that, I think this moment could have had more impact than it did- I feel like that angle should have been pushed a little bit more. D'jok quickly scores in the first few minutes and Aarch tells Ahito that it's okay. So you're playing good coach now. Nikki then scores soon after. Aarch is not happy about this and Artegor advises Aarch to push on Rocket. Aarch asks Simbai whether he is okay- she says he's okay for now. He does as Artegor advised him and it works because Rocket scores a goal. Because Artegor knows everything. 

Rocket then grasps his stomach and collapses a little bit. Mark and Micro-ice exchange some stupid banter. Mark scores, then Micro-ice scores. Then it's half time, Rocket is sitting with a towel over his head, like he's in a nativity play. He says that he's not sure he can continue, but Tia reassures him that he can. Meanwhile, D'jok plots with Team Paradisia- D'jok says that they'll expect him to try and score but that instead he'll pass to Nikki so she can score. I actually really like this plan, D'jok is pretty much acknowledging that he's known for having an ego (hence hogging all the goals) and he's using that expectation against the Snow Kids in order to win where it counts. 

Back on the pitch, they pretty much carry off D'jok's plan flawlessly and Nikki scores a goal. That's then it for match play and it's time for a penalty shoot out. Nikki wants to know what the 'secret' to scoring against Ahito is and D'jok is somewhat reluctant to give it up. Ugh, I do have an issue with this- it's not like the ex-Snow Kids know something about Ahito's style of play that is so earthshattering that you couldn't work it out by pulling a Rocket and watching all the old matches. This so called moral dilemma just seems a bit weak to me.

But yeah, that's where the episode ends- on a cliffhanger. This episode was definitely an improvement on the last episode as not everything was stupid. However, Sinedd's storyline and the end of the Tia/Rocket/Lun-Zia triangle are both so awfully handled that it's still not a great episode. 


The mechanic leg thing actually makes sense to me somewhat. It seems as if he has poor control over it if he does more then just walk. Reminds me how Ghost in the Shell handles new mechanical limbs (Strong, but difficult to control at first and when you're not focused.... at least that's what I got out of it.). I mean, they're quite obviously more advanced then us regarding artificial limbs in the GF universe, but there probably still are some kinks here and there.
I like mechanics.
I don't really know much about mechanics at all so I'll take your word for it! It wasn't a big issue for me when watching the episodes, just something I wondered about.
I agree with everything you said, as per usual. I weep for the days I had liked Rocket and Tia. And Sinedd... you know I didn't like him at first, I only liked him towards the middle of Season 2 and now they have changed him up.

I like Keira's outfit but why in hell is norata wearing that yellow thing?! It looks improper for Paradisia for it is you know, hot! I love them though, great to have them over. Norata should take care of Aarch's middle age crisis.

Ah, this reminds me that I had actually started a tiny little ficlet about Bennet at some point. I really like the guy :)

Tia needs glasses.
It's interesting that you didn't like him at first- was it something specific that happened in the series that changed your mind on the characters, or did you just re-evaluate and realised you liked him after all?

Ugh, I know, Norata's outfit is both hideous and impractical...I guess you could explain the it not being weather appropriate thing with the fact that Norata can be kind of stubborn (insisting that he can deal with the heat) but there's really no excuse for the colour...his normal outfit has such dark colours, it seems like a jarring switch. Seriously, who designed these outfits?

Good point, it would be good to see Norata helping Aarch with his issues, although I suspect that nothing of the sort happens.

What was the ficlet about *is curious*.
It was the moment in which Artegor forced him to play with his twisted ankle. The camera zooms into show the pain it causes him and then he just has this stubborn look on his face and he keeps going. I liked him then. Previously, I was indifferent towards him, along with D'Jok and Mei.

Of course Norata will not help Aarch, it would require them to have a few scenes in which they actually "talk" and I don't think that's happening.

Well, huh, I actually forgot about it. I was inspired by a meme on deviantart (this one to be exact: http://blackkolors.deviantart.com/art/GF-Meme-by-Raysen-211102174) and I think it had to do with a lady who was crushing on him or something. But Perfection has been eating me and I can't even remember what I was going to write for Us anymore, so this one will probably wait for quite some time.
Oooh, yes, that moment- loved that too. I was a fan of him from pretty much the start and I really used to hate both D'jok and Mei...in fact, I can't actually think of a character I feel/or felt really indifferent towards.

Season 3 is just so bad, it's almost laughable, nothing has the impact it should do; someone really needs to write a Season 3 AU, following similar plot threads but doing everything in a way that actually makes sense.

I figured it wasn't something that would be coming up soon. Ah, Perfection seems like a real headache for you!
What this Season lacks for me is consistency. Consistency with the previous seasons (So many characters derailed.... for what? Drama?) consistency in quality, both visual and writing wise. There's some awesome stuff here, but it gets bogged down by the bad. I mean, I'm really enjoying the Pirates subplot in this Season....*Hears a cackle over at the horizon* Yeah, that went straight to hell, too..... You won't have to guess my biggest gripe with this season.
Oh, definitely- the ideas aren't all innately bad but they way in which a lot of them were introduced at random and never really explained (especially with the Sinedd/Mei thing) means that the dramatic effect of things (which I do agree they were going for) is really lessened, because it just seems so out of nowhere. Things just being dropped is weird too- like the Lun-Zia/Rocket/Tia love triangle wasn't annoying enough, it's resolved in the most lazy way possible- I got the impression that either the writers were bored of writing it so wanted to wrap it up in the quickest was possible. Yeah, there's a lot of inconsistency even within episodes which is just jarring

I haven't seen all of Season 3, certainly not in English anyway and so I have no idea what happens to the Pirates subplot, but as it was one of the few things I actually liked this season, it troubles me that it goes downhill- what happens exactly?
Uh, yeah, I skimmed through the last episodes but didn't get much, how did they manage to mess that one up?!

Lazy, FS, the best way to describe this season. It wasn't like the didn't have 2 years to prepare, they could have done a lot better.

And I'm ignoring Perfection now, the sad part is Rocket/Tia side of the story and even Rocket/Sinedd interactions are all ready in my mind but I can't put down what's happening with D'Jok/Mei/Sinedd. And people want Perfection for those three so I'm ignoring it now.
Harris' re-introduction, mostly. That pissed me off immensely... okay, not at first, I had this delusional 'He'll get better' period, but yeah.... that didn't happen.
Ah, I thought that given that Harris was conspicuously absent for the early episodes, his re-introduction would be something really awesome and built up to...but I guess not then...
I vaguely remember him having crazy eyes all the time. Is that it? Why did he go crazy anyway? His defining factor as a villian was that he played it cool, he was good at being the double agent and since he survived that... I may be way off here, too, I don't even know how that story went. Vega was working for him though right? How about the Pimp?