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Smallville: Zod

When the War Ends (Cromwell/Lilburne AU drabble)

Title: When the War Ends
Notes: Double drabble set in the 'After the War' verse. As with the first one, I doubt that anyone will read it, but I'm mostly just trying to get myself writing again. Mild slash (Oliver Cromwell/John Lilburne), Modern AU. 

"What will you do when the War ends?" John asked, curiously. "Go back to your job at the bank, let everything go back to normal?"

He couldn't see how anything could possibly be normal again, not when he'd seen brother fighting brother, father fighting son- a country torn in two by a war that had started by accident. 

"I suppose that depends on the outcome," Oliver noted, dryly. "If we lose...then I don't expect we'll have the chance to do much of anything again."

John pursed his lips, thinking grimly on what their loss would mean for their nation, for them. 

"We'll make it." Oliver sounded so sure, as if he had received the script in advance, as if it were for him alone to decide the outcome. John wished he could share his confidence, that he didn't have all this doubts swimming through his mind. 

"I can't wait for this war to finally be over," John said, despair creeping into his voice.

Oliver kissed him by way of response, supposedly to comfort him. He tried not to think about the fact that he couldn't, truthfully, reply in resounding agreement with John.

The War had been the making of him.