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Aarch/Artegor: like old times

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 12 Recap

The episode starts off where the previous one left off- just before the penalty shoot out. In the changing room, Nikki whinges to the Pimp Lord Phoenix about D'jok not revealing the 'secret' to scoring against Ahito. The Pimp Lord Phoenix puts his hand on top of D'jok head but D'jok punches it away (with there being a hilarious size comparison between their hand sizes, seriously- is the Pimp meant to be human? Because he's just so massive it's kind of unbelievable- it's hardly like D'jok is short or anything). 

D'jok still refuses to tell them about this so called 'secret' method of scoring against Ahito and also complains about the whole teammates being cyborg issue, so the Pimp Lord Phoenix grabs his pimp cane and uses it to hypnotise D'jok! So that's how he keeps his ladies in line.  D'jok repeats everything he says like a zombie (it's kind of like a force type thing: 'these aren't the droids you're looking for' 'these aren't the droids we're looking for'). Nikki pulls a deranged face when all this is going on. So basically, D'jok forgets the whole teammates being cyborgs thing and is now ready to do anything in order to win. It's actually quite a disturbing scene and yet another instance of the writer's deciding that this Season they hate D'jok. 

Back on the field, it's Rocket's turn first to take a penalty. He starts to prepare but his vision goes all hazy and he starts stumbling around, his foot accidently brushing against the ball. He's taken off but he's still considered to have taken the shot (and missed obviously). Micro-ice starts arguing with the referee robot (ah, just like in Season 1). It's to no avail. Tia is concerned about Rocket, Aarch is worried, Artegor reassures him. Someone from Team Pimp Paradisia shoots but is blocked by Ahito. Thran scores and does some poses in a manner that seems quite out of character for him- it was like he became Micro-ice for a minute of something. 

Team Pimp Paradisia then insist on asking D'jok about the whole 'secret' to defeating Ahito. He tells them but we don't get to hear it. This is so stupid, the whole secret thing is stupid enough on its own but the fact that they didn't bother to ask before the first player (I really can't tell who is who with the uniforms) went to score just makes it even more stupid. Micro-ice is unhappy with this turn of events. So the next player is able to score. Then Lun-Zia scores...I'll come to it later...Then Team P scores...Micro-ice scores but he is told that it was 'just luck'...wow...what brilliant banter...not. Ahito tries to give himself a pep talk (gee thanks for the support Aarch) but he still gets scored against. Then it's Tia's turn and she misses...yeah, I was not happy about this. If she had kicked it and it had been blocked by the goalie that would have been fairly reasonable but she just misses the goal...like why? They don't even seem to be giving her the excuse that she was worried about Rocket...it's just like a 'well it happens'...the fact that they made her miss when Lun-Zia doesn't just really irritates me. It's then D'jok turn and he scores so Team Pimp Paradisia wins.

I suppose this could be seen as a bold move- having the Snow Kids lose for once but this is just a random tournament (that I certainly don't care about) and it's obvious that they're going to win the actual GFC. But yeah, everyone is aghast that they lost, Lun-Zia appears to be comforting Tia (because clearly they've become best mates all of a sudden), Mark is there doing a randomly annoying face. Aarch is more concerned about Rocket's health and Artegor volunteers to speak to the team because he knows what defeat is like...sometimes, I think Artegor is the only good thing about this show this Season. Aarch pulls an angry face (so I guess they're still having problems) but doesn't say anything.

Sinedd finds the whole thing amusing and is gloating about the Snow Kids' defeat to his fake parents. Mei is unhappy and says that she had thought that he only disliked D'jok rather than it being about the Snow Kids in general. My initial reaction was 'oh dear, Mei, if you loved the SK so much, you should never have left.' But this is actually quite interesting- the fact that she highlights his annoyance with D'jok makes me think that she definitely bonded with him and chose him because of this hatred for D'jok that she herself had come to share. It would definitely suggest more of a rebound thing rather than any great romance...which makes the whole thing easier to believe. She must have known that Sinedd didn't exactly get on with Micro-ice (or Thran and Ahito to lesser extents) but she must have chosen to ignore this information. That's my theory anyway. She walks off in a huff. 

Meanwhile, Simbai says that it would be better to take Rocket back to Akillian. Tia is upset + Norata and Keira are concerned. I kind of wish Norata would get his bitter on and start saying how this was all Aarch's fault, and football was cursed...but not such luck, I suppose his character has developed past that anyway. Aarch sends Tia back to the team (cold!) and she agrees but you hear her cry as she walks away. I'm so sick of her crying...give her something else to do! 

Aarch soon joins the team and gives them a speech about how sometimes it's better to lose than win because you learn from it...blah...blah...Rocket wakes up and is devasted that they lost. Later Adium is being interviewed on the tv about whether Aarch's career is over. She says no and points out that Mei, D'jok and Sinedd are still in the finals and they were all his players. I don't think Sinedd should really count in this case...Artegor trained him for the majority of his career. She also mentions that all the other coaches uses Aarch's methods. This ego-boost prompts a smile from Aarch. I thought he'd forgotten what one of those was.

The parents and Artegor are hanging by the pool and mention they have a surprise for the kids when they get back. Aarch is like 'meh, okay.' The Kids are hanging on the beach talking about the loss. Lun-Zia sucks up to them all  by saying what an honour it was to play with them. Show, I'm sorry but you're not going to redeem Lun-Zia to me, stop trying. Mark also makes a joke about how they are all legends but Micro-ice is the most legendary. Shut-up Mark, you're so irrelevant to this show that I only remember you exist when you're saying something, so please don't talk. One of the Lightnings kicks a ball into the sea and asks Micro-ice for it back. He then chucks it, it landing in Kernor's ice-cream. She is, justifiably, angry with him again. These random Micro-ice bits are actually quite fun. Poor Kernor, she can't even eat an ice-cream in peace...

The Pimp​ Lord Phoenix is unhappy at the whole 'Paradisia is going to explode thing and his day is made worse when the Pirates arrive. Yay! He says he's not going to try and escape and explains the whole multi-flux thing and Sonny rightly guesses that Paradisia is going to explode. The Pimp Lord Phoenix refuses to leave the planet. He protests that he believed everything that 'he' said but says he doesn't know his name. I don't know whether this is supposed to be so the Pirates don't know because I think everyone in the audience already knows that it's Harris. Sonny refers to this person as copying Bleylock and they are called a big fish. Also Brim Simbra appears out of nowhere to back up Sonny...okay...that was legitimately awesome...well done Flux Society, you actually seem semi-relevant! Vega is listening all invisible and skulks off. 

The Snow Kids sneak back in the dark and Micro-ice falls in the pool. The lights then turn on and it's a surprise party.Lun-Zia has her claw around Tia when this happens...seriously show, they aren't best friends! Stop trying to sell us this. Mana-ice and Zoeleene look on in amusement whilst Micro-ice tries to explain that he just fancied a swim rather than it just being down to clumsiness. Rocket joins them. Adium also appears and she and Aarch exchange boring slushy dialogue (I think my shipping prejudices are showing here).

D'jok hears/sees the party from a distance and is sad...aww...poor D'jok...I actually do feel sorry for him. Vega reports back to this mystery person who says all is according to plan. We don't see most of his face...so it is supposed to be fooling the audience? IT'S HARRIS! WE ALL KNOW! Anyway, he laughs evilly and that's it for the episode. 

Overall, it's not the most terrible episode of Season 3, there were enough interesting bits to make it not a complete chore to watch but it still has a lot of typical Season 3 things that make it not as good as any of the episodes from previous Seasons. 


Oh, great, so not only the fur coat and the hoes and the cane.... but the cane's also a magic stick? Damnit, Phoenix, stop reminding me of 50 Cent songs.

That was an.... uneventful and slightly boring episode. But I like that Kernor has a slightly bigger role then normal. Even if it's just comic relief with Micro-Ice.

I don't mind the Snow Kids losing, they're way due (Last time was that 5-0 with the Rykers if I'm correct. Still one of the best matches of the show). But this time it didn't feel effective. Like you said, not all that important of a match.
Haha, true it was a little uneventful (especially with the second half of the ep) but uneventful beats completely frustrating (which I find with most of the episodes) for me...still not brilliant though.
Mei knows Sinedd doesn't get on well with Micro-Ice at least; remember the part in one of the earlier S1 episodes where Rocket's training with them for the first time or something and Micro-Ice, D'Jok and Sinedd start arguing and Mei turns to Rocket like "Ugh, there they go again!"? And there was the whole ordeal of him fauling her in S1 and threatening her on the pitch; that doesn't seem like just D'Jok hate right? Mei, are you so dump or are you just rebounding honey? (answer: neither, she is flawless -_-)

I just watched it, too and damn you are right, Pimp has a huge hand. I'd say he was half giant or something if this were Harry Potter. And I bet Sonny would be a lot less willing to help him if he knew he hypnotised his son! Way to look after an old pal's son, Phoenix!

I don't like how Lun-Zia is Mary-Sueishly good at everything :/ But well, Rocket recruited her so she must have magical feet or something -_- also I don't get her sudden best-frienddom with Tia, it's still creepy that her boyfriend is a Wambasian copy of Rocket. I bet she bought those clothes for him and made his hair into dreadlocks, she was quite fond of Rocket's after all!

Aww, I just saw that the headshots for penalties are back :) Micro-Ice, I love you baby!

Oh, and Team Paradisia is such a fail. I mean, Ahito's weakness? The trick to score against him, get yourself a good coach or a captain who will look into those things by watching other players, like Rocket does. And what exactly is Ahito's weakness? Its all lazy writing :/

Artegor keeps on being flawfree ;)

I'm glad the Flux Society is involved :D
Haha, yeah, clearly this blindness of hers is just more evidence of how 'perfect' Mei is.

He's a lot less friendly than Hagrid that's for sure! I hadn't actually thought of that- Sonny's going to be maaaad if he finds out!

Haha, yeah...I kind of thought Lun-Zia might be being all pally with Tia to convince her to participate in a Lun-Zia/Wambasianboyfriend/Tia/Rocket foursome, all in the name of getting to Rocket. Whatever it is, as you say, it's still creepy. WE DON'T FORGET AS EASILY AS YOU DO SHOW!

I know, it was just such a weak plot device...if they had kept Ahito's health problems then they could have explained his poor performance with that- it at least would have been consistent. You'd also have thought that Aarch and/or Artegor would have worked through the weakness with Ahito in previous training sessions to try and straighten it out...but no, they've never mentioned it before and I bet they'll never mention it again.