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Rome: Brutus's rebirth

Drabble: Senseless (Antinous/Telemachus)

Title: Senseless
Author notes: So...I ended up writing Odyssey fanfic last night when I was trying not to panic about the (then) upcoming Latin Exam...I'm not sure whether to feel proud or ashamed of myself. Set before Book 1 of the Odyssey. Definitely not written in proper Homeric style. I always kinda hate writing for new fandoms...it's so nervewracking...But I ship this pairing so hard, I couldn't resist. Not my best work anyways.  
Pairings: Antinous/Telemachus, one-sided Antinous/Penelope
Warnings: dub-con(ish), passive!Telemachus, rated T for suggestiveness. 

His lips crash against Telemachus' like waves against the rocks, like the waves that never brought that ship home no matter how much you stared, wistfully, into the distance. He should stop this, would stop this if he could, but Antinous is so much stronger than him that there's no point even trying to resist. There's really nothing he could do. 

(He doesn't think about whether he wants it to stop.)

He can feel Antinous' hatred, constant boiling in his blood, like a red mist that surrounds him- it makes Telemachus feel hazy, distant, like he's merely the most convenient target rather than any true threat to Antinous. Mostly though, he just feels Antinous' hands roaming all over his body.  

Antinous shouts Penelope's name when he climaxes and he knows it can only have been on purpose- it was too much of a mouthful for it to have been otherwise. Telemachus watches him as he leaves, later, trying to riddle it all out. The man with no morals makes no sense to the man (boy) of good sense.

And he never will.