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Aarch/Artegor: like old times

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 13 Recap

The Episode begins with The Pimp Magnus Blade and the Pirates discussing the fate of Paradisia. The Pimp Magnus Blade admits that what is happening to Paradisia is his fault. Either Sonny or Corso (I'm not sure which) basically says that it's too late to apologise...it's tooooo late! Anyways, he's still insistent that they need to stay for the final match. Corso is opposed to his idea. However, The Pimp Magnus then explains that the final is the only chance for them to get the guy who is behind it all and that after the final everyone will be scattered. This makes a fair amount of sense and therefore Brim Simbra and Sonny agree to it despite being worried about the risk. Brim Simbra offers to help should anything go wrong, confidently adding that he has the power to. WOO! When the Flux Society actually decide to do something, they're actually pretty cool.

Meanwhile, Rocket, Tia, Norata and Keira are leaving Paradisia, Rocket (being a football obsessive) wants to stay for the final match on Paradisia, but Dame Simbai firmly tells him that he needs to get off Paradisia and into medical treatment on Akillian instead. So they leave and Aarch waves them off. Then there's some weird footage of some Shadows fans- 3 Xenons (I think) and 1 Cyclops dressed as Shadows and looking a lot like some sort of glam rock band. Destiney Hope The completely random Ahito fan-girl cries about Ahito not being in the final whilst surrounded by pictures of him. Haha, maybe she and Artegor could exchange stalking tips sometime. Callie is doing interviews before the match and asks D'jok about Sinedd&Mei- he replies that he wants to win against the team, not just two players. Nikki interrupts him and does some generic boasting. When they leave for the field, she then asks Mei whether she has a message for D'jok. Mei starts to say that she doesn't before Sinedd interrupts, stating that everyone will remember how D'jok will lose to him. At least Sinedd is showing a bit of the old spirit here. Unfortunately it is followed by the Shadows being goofy. *Sighs* I don't even think I can support them anymore.

The Snow Kids (minus Tia and Rocket) are sitting in the stands discussing the match. Micro-ice sweetly comments that he doesn't want D'jok to lose because that would be like he lost twice. Awww, I really wish we'd had a more consistent narrative surrounding their friendship- I mean they had that whole 'we're not friends' exchange when they faced off against each other (although it wasn't given too much focus) but nothing has happened to change that since then. This part is also a throw-away remark; it's a shame because Micro-ice and D'jok's friendship has been a very important aspect of the show from the very 1st episode- it would have made way more sense to put some focus on it in the context of leaving teams rather than having that weird Mei+Yuki being best-friends stuff.

Anyways, The Pimp Magnus gives a speech, bigging up Paradisia as usual whilst the Pirates watch and wait- wondering whether they can trust him. The match begins, Sinedd and D'jok give each other glares- the whole match is basically centered around the whole Sinedd/Mei/D'jok love triangle. D'jok and Sinedd start battling with each other- they both end up on the ground and D'jok warns Sinedd not to get in his way. Hahaha, that was a weird, perhaps accidental callback to that match where Sinedd shoved Mei on the ground and said basically the same thing. Does this mean Sinedd and D'jok are going to get together eventually? Bits of this episode actually remind me that I used to ship Sinedd/D'jok really hard when I first watched Season 1- this match was actually kind of interesting, at least compared to the other snore-fests of the season.

Mei and Nikki interrupt and comment that they all want to play in the final. They basically say it's not a playground. Meanwhile, Brim Simbra has a vision of himself falling into a mass of green. Back on the pitch, Sinedd scores which infuriates D'jok. He then bumps into Sinedd, fouling him- Mei accuses D'jok of only wanting to fight with Sinedd. So what else is new? It's not like Sinedd is known for his restraint when it comes to violence of the pitch, in all honesty, the 'foul' that D'jok performs is pretty pathetic. Mei takes the penalty (why her?) and of course she scores.

It's half time and D'jok overhears a robot going on about Operation Atara (or something). Then there's clearly a bit of a time skip because Paradisia are taking a penalty shot- they score. They soon score another goal to even out the score. Meanwhile, Brim Simbra feels that the time is right and so floats into the green reactor (or whatever you want to call it) ...to presumably do something with his Jedi Flux powers. Back on the field, Sinedd, in trying to block a shot, ends up scoring an own goal. Ooops. Mei tells Sinedd not to think about D'jok, stating that she'll handle him. It's kind of strange how much they seem to be talking about D'jok, he's so much a part of their relationship.

The Shadows manage to score and tie the game again. Sinedd and Mei do a sickeningly cute high-five. Just no. The Pirates spot Robo-cat and go after it. Meanwhile, the cat projects the image of Harris who appears to The Pimp Magnus. DUN DUN DUN! Oh wait, we all guessed Harris was the villain anyways. He's acting sort of crazy as knows that Lord Phoenix is secretly a pimp Magnus Blade. The Pimp Magnus is unhappy about what Harris has done to his planet- one of the things I actually like about him is that his devotion/obsession with Paradisia is actually genuine and yet he accidentally ended up wrecking it. Harris is generally crazy and amused by the fate of Paradisia- not sure what caused this character change, he was always very sensible in S2- I guess it's the exposure to the multiflux? Anyway, that comes to an end a few seconds after the Pirates arrive. Robo-cat then sets off another explosion. Brim Simbra uses his power to slow down the explosion, Harris is aware of this and finds it amusing. The robot from before says something about Operation Atara and pipes in the reactor come loose and green gas goes everywhere.

The Pirates are in pursuit of Robo-cat but they have to give up because they don't have time. The ground starts to quake and Flux-users are ordered to use their Fluxes in order to help evacuate people. There is a lot of running and chaos. Sinedd goes back for Sydney and Harvey. D'jok just stands still on the pitch, despite Mei's attempts to convince him to leave, stubbornly stating that he needs to win the final. She walks towards him and it looks like they are having a moment but then the score-board starts to fall on them. Sinedd saves the both of them and they then all start to run away.

Vega appears in front of the Pirates and they have a bit of a fight with her, before she slinks off. It's all very cool. Micro-ice gestures to Yuki to come aboard their ship but she ends up going with the Electras. Micro-ice looks sad. Whatever, there should be no time for couples drama when a Planet is disintegrating. Sinedd tells D'jok and Mei that he's going back to get his parents because he can't lose them a second time. Clamp returns with Sydney but not Harvey. Sinedd and Mei get on the ship. There are several shots of the ruined Paradisia, all grey-ish and broken down, I can't help but think that there is an environmental message being put across here.

The Pimp Magnus Blade is still on Paradisia and is confronted by snake-form Vega, he is scared and uses a button to block her with glass- she shouts at him that he will die. She slithers off. His computer systems stop working and he falls over, accepting that he will die on Paradisia. On the Snow Kids's ship, everyone is hugging etc. Destiney Hope The Ahito fangirl is on the ship and sits herself on his knee, much to his dismay. Sydney cries about Harvey's fate, I dunno if it was meant to be funny but it's actually kind of sad. D'jok reassures Mei that Sinedd is alright. It's actually sweet, I guess that's what happens after (un)natural disasters, people put aside their silly dramas of the past.

This is actually a fairly decent episode (in my opinion), it certainly doesn't lack for excitement- I can't imagine what the next episode is going to be like. The Sinedd/Mei/D'jok thing is also used more effectively than it has been in the past (although Sinedd/Mei is still weird and unexplained). The ep could have done with more Artegor- but then again I always think that! Brim Simbra is actually awesome in this episode, see what happens if you try Flux Society? So yeah, one of Season 3's better eps.


Yup, this is indeed a pretty good episode, tough I personally did not like the way Harris was written. It's probably the multiflux that messed with his head but still, I figured he'd be less maniacal. But that's probably partially me. I hugely ukefied him in my head canon, to be honest. I encountered it the other way around with other people enough times so it had to happen one of these days.
That said, I also liked Brim Simbra in this episode for getting up from his ass and actually doing something. He's actually pretty badass when given the chance to do something.
I can see why Harris' portrayal might annoy you, he didn't have enough time in episode to leave me with any strong emotion (given that I never had very strong feelings about the character to begin with) but I imagine that if he continues to be so over the top and crazy it might get irritating. I'm reserving judgement until later.


Thanks for the recap! It's always an interesting read. Thought if I haven't seen the episode myself I'd get a completely different impression on the episode after reading your recap.
And although I agree that Mei/Sinedd is unforgivably unexplained, I actually enjoyed the interaction in the episode and have to disagree with your hate-fest on the pairing ;)
(well Sinedd and Mei actually have some real conversations after they break up lol, so maybe it will sooth your hate a bit ^^)
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

To be honest I'm not a fan of anything they've done with Sinedd this season- Sinedd/Mei is just the tip of the iceberg. I did find their break-up conversations more interesting though (I've watched all the eps now, just not had time to write up all my recaps.