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Skins: Franky

Bye 2011!

We're nearing the start of 2012, so I guess it's time to look back on 2011!

Stuff I did this year:
- Wrote 67,318 words of fanfiction (admittedly falling short of last year's resolution to write over 100,000 words).
- Did my A-Levels and left school.
- Went to University.
- Joined a political party.
- Went on my first protest march.
- Turned 18 (and was legally able to drink!)

What did you guys (by that I mean anyone actually reading this) get up to in 2011?

Anyways, Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all have a good one.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you've had a great start, I've been drinking Bucks Fizz and watching music videos :)
Lemme see, for me 2011 was relatively quiet but in the last few months...
- My Mum got ill but she's feeling better
- My house got decorated so I had to put up with paint fumes
- Passed the first year of uni
- Discovered Empire/Total Film magazine (I love the world of film)
I kinda failed on my resolution to write more on FF, so this year I will definitely try to write more fan fiction :)
Woo! Haha, sounds nice- I was watching the Inbetweeners Film with my mum whilst drinking wine when the new year hit!

Aww, I'm happy to hear your mum is feeling better!

I failed on that front too, so we can both strive harder this year!
Happy New Year.
Hope the presumably last year of our existance (Again) is even better.

As for my own year, I:
-Came to grips with my sexuality. As in I don't have one (Yeah, I know, it's more complicated then that). Everyone's surprisingly okay with that, except my friend who's got a great deal of sexual frustration. But even he kept his crudeness to a minimum because he finally got himself a girlfriend.
- Gained weight. And loved it. I always was a bit of a stick figure, but this year I finally got hips! And boobs!
- My family was feuding. That sucked. But then again, I don't have to hide anymore that I really hate my niece. She openly said she's ashamed of me because I'm different? Okay then, I don't have to be afraid of saying she's a conformist bitch who should just let people be themselves.
Luckily, there's a silver lining, since the ones we're fighting with are avoiding us, family parties are a lot less awkard and a lot more fun so the ones we DO love just got a whole lot closer.
I'm glad some good stuff happened to you this year! Sorry to hear about your family fighting (even if there were advantages to it).
Eh, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Tension was always an issue around these particular people. This year was just the year both sides decided 'Fuck it' and come clean.