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Aarch/Artegor: here to catch you

Galactik Football Season 3 Episode 14

 So, the episode starts when Paradisia explodes and everyone panics as the ship shakes. Thran and Ahito hold hands (gosh the shippers must be loving this), D'jok and Mei are all clingy, Micro-ice keeps repeating that it must be a nightmare. When the explosion is over, Mark picks Micro-ice by the ankle, saying that it's all over. Micro-ice tells Mark that he's never been so happy to see him. It's kind of a weird scene- I mean, I know Micro-ice is short but I don't really think that it would be that easy to lift him up. Paradisia is pretty much decimated which makes Micro-ice sad because the planet used to be beautiful...

I'm not sad though because it's actually quite nice to see some shots of the familiar Akillian snow. Also, it's two months later...a time skip that is not quite convincing as in many ways, it feels like they only just got back from Paradisia. On the news Paradisia is referred to as a dead planet and is under quarantine, Brim Simbra and the Pimp  Lord Phoenix are missing (presumed dead), Sonny is (of course) blamed for everything. Meanwhile, Aarch is packing clothes (from Paradisia, I assume) and is back to his old outfit minus the unflattering coat. Artegor comes in (also back to his old clothes, yay) and is sadly retiring from the Snow Kids...which means way less screen-time. *Sighs* He's going off to coach at a football academy, stating that playing is the only thing he can do (he's obsessive, he's got that going for him), He blames himself for suggesting that the Snow Kids go to Paradisia but Aarch disagrees. They hug.....SQUEEEEEEE! Clearly, they've got over any issues they might have had. Also Aarch's midlife crisis makes no appearance in the next 2 episodes so, he's clearly over that.

Rocket and Tia watch the holo-tv on which Brim Balarius is talking about what happened on Paradisia. Tia misses it there, Rocket wishes it was all a bad dream. Norata comes in, showing off a plant he just found- a rare Akilian Star, a plant that was more common before the ice-age. Rocket mentions that he feels better since he got off Paradisia- Norata warned him to take it slow because Akillian Stars are very precious...awww, such a nice father- remember when he used to be all bitter? That's all gone. Elsewhere, Sydney is still crying about Harvey and the Snow Kids are blatantly missing Artegor already (me too, me too). Micro-Ice claims that he doesn't miss D'jok...it's a blatant lie.

It's time for training and Micro-ice said that they've been bored without training (this is really the only sign that 2 months have passed) and so Aarch brings out Warren to train with them. Oh great, that blue annoyance. The SK react with excitement, ugh. Meanwhile, D'jok is wandering about in Genesis Forest and is startled to see footballs surrounded by flux coming towards him. It turns out that it's a bunch of Kids of all different species practicing. D'jok warns them that they can't use the Flux outside of Galactik Football and they all start to cry. A little Lightnings girl asks D'jok whether he would be able to hit a single leaf at the end of a branch, he oblidges and knocks it clean off. The Kids are very impressed and want him to teach them. It's kinda weird how D'jok doesn't seem to have a team though, he's just kinda wandering around on his own, even after 2 months back from Paradisia...

In training, the SK are up against Warren and they have to pass the ball to whoever he said, the first one to drop the ball loses. There's nothing much to report about it, except that I'm glad it wasn't Tia who dropped it (as I dreaded) and she actually does some really impressive things with the ball. The SK as a whole are doing pretty well. After the training session ends, the SK are tired and weakly say 'go snow go!'

Sinedd and Mei are returning from some minor match with the Xenons, Callie asks what is next for the Shadows- Sinedd states that the match on Paradisia was essentially a win for the Shadows (D'jok says something similar- except about Team Paradisia elsewhere in the episode; I think it's kind of cute that they are mirroring each other like that). Mei (who is wearing a new, largely purple, outfit) is asked whether she is going to stay with the Shadows and try and get the Smog. She replies that she isn't sure but Sinedd interupts to say that the Shadows is her new family. As they walk off, Mei and Sinedd argue about it- Mei saying that Sinedd only hears what he wants to hear. He tells her that he wants her to be in a better when they go to meet his parents for dinner. It feels weirdly like the D'jok/Mei fights at the start of the Season.

Duke Maddox is angry that his food it late, upon asking what it is, Sonny Blackbones pops out telling him that's it "Pirate delight with a side order of lasers." Sonny chomps on prawns (not letting Maddox anywhere near the food). Maddox is mad but Sonny explains to him that it wasn't him who caused the problems on Genesis and Paradisia- it was Harris (he does this by revealing an image of Harris' head on a plate). Hee! Love the food theme going through this segment. Maddox is shocked and horrified that Harris is behind all this. He gives Sonny the information he needs- that Harris was once his right hand man and knew all of Technoid's secrets.

Sinedd and Mei are with the fake parents- they pitch the idea of creating a foundation for Orphans and using his name etc. This is clearly a typical charity scam plot. Mei needs to speak to him and then they go off to argue- Mei thinks that his parents are strange and feels that they are taking advantage of him as they barely know him. Hmmm, she's right and all but I'm not sure I buy that she'd be able to sense it. Anyways, he says if she doesn't like it with him she can always go back to the 'loser team'.

Sonny continues to explain the whole thing with Bleylock and Harris and they agree that he was the greatest threat to the galaxy. I agree he is a dangerous man (considering what he did to Paradisia) but what about all those Flux Wars that happened? Surely they were even more devastating. Duke Maddox says that he appreciates that Sonny came to tell him (as most people wouldn't). Aww, Duke Maddox is being kind of sweet in this scene. He says that he'll take Sonny off the wanted list and put Harris on there; Sonny tells him not to and reassures him that he'll be okay. Kinda shipping it despite myself.

The Flux society are having a meeting and basically saying that they can't really do anything...so back to business as usual. It's not really their fault though. Harris' floating head appears, telling them that they have to influence the league to bring forward the date of the GFC, dropping in the fact that he destroyed Paradisia and that he would do it to another planet should they not obey him. They all agree that they can't take the risk so they'll do as he says. Soon Adium announces it (after some deliberation) to the suprise of the Snow Kids. Meanwhile, Vega asks what Harris wants her to do- he says just let the tournament happen. I have to admit, I'm interested to see what the plan is (given that he already has a ton of multi-flux and can't really be needing to get more, surely?)

That's the end of ep 14- quite liked this ep, like the previous ep there wasn't too much wrong with it- at least compared to earlier eps in S3. Plus at least the 3/4 lengths are banished!


This was indeed a fun ep. And even if it resulted in doing a whole lotta nothing, I really enjoyed seeing Balarius in the role as Brim. Even tough nothing is really accomplished, he always had a certain quality to him that Simbra lacked. A certain... I don't know how to explain it. A certain attitude. And I gotta admit, keeping calm while a giant floating head with a deranges smile is right up in your face is pretty badass. Dude didn't even flinch.
Haha, that's very true, the only thing I don't like about him is the voice (it's almost as bad as Micro-ice's this season).