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Runaways: Xavin

Seven Questions Meme

Seven Questions asked by phoenixacid. Comment if you want me to ask you some questions!

1. How did you discover fandom?

I discovered fandom when I was 13 and had just gotten really into Star Trek TOS (hence my username, haha). Upon wikipedia-ing the show and various characters, I came across this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirk/Spock which got me interested in checking out some fanfiction...and then it just kind of went from there.

2. Name a skill you would love to have!

There are so many skills that I would really like to have, it's difficult to choose. I guess I would have general co-ordination skills? If that doesn't really count then I guess I'd want to be able to fix computers.

3. If you can be a fictional character, who would it be?

I'd quite like to be Morgana from Merlin...I mean yeah, everyone did kind of treat her badly. But hey, at least she's gorgeous (I wish I had her hair) and has epic magick skills (as well as being a decent fighter)! Plus her wardrobe is pretty good too! If I was going to go for a male character to be, I'd be Artegor from Galactik Football for the simple reason that everything he touches turns to awesome (plus I majorly over identify with him anyways).

4. What mythical beast would you keep as a pet?

Gonna be cliche and say a dragon because they'd be fun to ride!

5. Who is your favourite guest character on Merlin so far?

Hmmm, I really liked Princess Mithian because they set her up to be the typical spoiled princess but then she wasn't. On the flip side, I really like Vivian as well, just because the way the actress played her (those facial expressions) was just hilarious. I also have a bit of a soft spot for Edwin in Season 1- I really liked his backstory and motivation.

6. If Merlin and Arthur were stationeries, what would they be?

God, how to answer this...Merlin would be a tatty pencil case that doesn't look impressive, but has lots of useful things inside. Arthur would be...IDK, some sort of expensive filofax?

7. It's a zombie apocalypse and you only have the item to your left as a weapon, will you survive?

I have a water bottle to my left...Well, I guess staying hydrated will help me survive? And then I could use it to store some kind of acid in to throw over the zombies...or is that cheating?


YAY! I love dragons too!

And Mithian is lovely! I wasn't expecting to like her, but I was rooting for her by the end of it. Lol.